A decade of UK Eurovision contenders

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    Over 180 million people will be tuning in to watch the final of the Eurovision song contest on Saturday – held this year in Stockholm, Sweden. ‘Hurra!’ as they say in the country boasting the world’s best meatballs and flat-pack furniture.

    It was last year’s champion: Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow, who cemented Stockholm as the 2016 host city – the contest held each year by the winning country.

    If like us you’re struggling to remember a London Eurovision and are therefore wondering if we have ever been victorious, don’t worry we have, five times in fact – but our last win was in 1997 with Katrina and the waves. Yes, basically 20 years ago.


    Artist: Electro Velvet
     â€˜Still In Love With You’
    Points: 5
    Ranking: 24th (out of 27 finalist countries)

    Molly Smitten-Downes
    Song: â€˜Children Of The Universe’
    Points: 40
    Ranking: 17th (out of 26 finalist countries)

    Bonnie Tyler
    Song: â€˜Believe In Me’
    Points: 23
     19th (out of 25 finalist countries)

    Artist: Englebert Humperdinck
    Song: â€˜Love Will Set You Free’
    Points: 12
    Ranking: 25th (out of 26 finalist countries)

    Artist: Blue
    Song: â€˜I Can’
    Points: 100
    Ranking: 11th (out of 25 finalist countries)

    Artist: Josh Dubovie
    Song: â€˜That Sounds Good To Me’
    Points: 10
    Ranking: 25th (out of 25 finalist countries)

    Artist: Jade Ewen
    Song: â€˜It’s My Time’
    Points: 173
    Ranking: 5th (out of 25 finalist countries)

    Artist: Andy Abraham
    Song: â€˜Even If’
    Ranking: 25th (out of 25 finalist countries)

    Artist: Scooch
    Song: â€˜Flying The Flag (For You)’
    Points: 19
    Ranking: 23rd (out of 24 finalist countries)

    Artist: Daz Sampson
    Song: â€˜Teenage Life’
    Points: 25
    Ranking: 19th (out of 24 finalist countries)

    Artist: Javine Hylton
    Song: â€˜Touch My Fire’
    Points: 18
    Ranking: 22nd (out of 24 finalist countries)

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