Katy Perry teases new music in Instagram clips

  • 2016-12-19 | Total Views: 9835 | Author: AIO News

    Katy Perry has teased new music through a series of Instagram clips. The singer posted two Instagram stories, which were saved and shared by fan accounts on Saturday (December 17).

    In the first clip, Perry shares a video where a track with her singing the lyric “Don’t be scared to…” plays in the background.

    The second video focuses on instruments, and some background vocals and sounds as though it’s from a different song compared to the first one shared.

    Perry first teased new music back in October through an emotional Instagram post which also paid tribute to Hillary Clinton.

    Perry was a keen supporter of Hillary Clinton during the presidential race, performing at her rally on Nov 5 and dressing up as the former presidential candidate for Aio.

    Writing on Instagram, Perry began; “First and foremost, I am incredibly grateful to have received the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award from my hero @HillaryClinton. This award will be a constant reminder to get out of my bubble and back into the field to shine a light on issues that matter most, especially to illuminate the plight of vulnerable children who are living without basic human needs and rights.”

    She continued, “Hillary helped me see that we’re all in this together, no matter where we come from, what color we are, or what status and education we have or don’t have. Hillary lit a fire inside of me that burns brighter and brighter every day, and that fire will NEVER be put out.”

    “Feelings of despair still comes in waves, but now more than ever I am MOTIVATED to fight against social injustice and to promote equality and kindness as best I know how, through my art and influence.”

    Teasing new music, she finished the post with; “I am continually inspired by her strength and how she continues to rise like the Phoenix she is, every time. It’s funny, sometimes people who disagree with me just say, “Shut up and sing.” Boy, will I do so in a whole new way… next year. Hell hath no fury like a woman REBORN.”

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